Present Issue – No. 60 (2020)

The open-access electronic version of the issue can be read here.

Torsten Andreasen, Mikkel Krause Frantzen, and Frederik Tyngstrup: Introduction: Aesthetics of Finance (pdf)
Mary Poovey: The Right Tools for the Job: The Right Job for the Tools (pdf)
Solveig Daugaard: Anybody Living a Private Life Is a Belierver in Money: Gertrude Stein, the Great Depression, and the Abstraction of Money (pdf)
Dominique Routhier: Full Automation in Its Infancy: The Situationist Avant-Garde Book Fin de Copenhague (pdf)
Kristina Malmio: Marx et Co Revisited: Representations of the Economy in Ralf Antbacka’s Wunderkammer (pdf)
Kristina Hermansson: Revolution or Diversity? Aesthetic and Political Manifestations of Class in Three Swedish Radical Picturebooks from the 2000’s and 2010’s (pdf)
Vera Knútsdóttir: Spectral Memories: Aesthetic Responses to the Financial Crash in Iceland 2008 (pdf)
Emma Sofie Brogaard Jespersen: Sensibility and Semio-Capitalism: A Bodily Experience of Crisis in Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s The Crisis Notebooks (pdf)
Nicholas Huber: Money as Frame (pdf)
Joseph Vogl: The Financial Regime (pdf)