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Present Issue – No. 61-62 (2021)

The open-access electronic version of the issue can be read here.

Jacob Lund: Questionnaire on the Changing Ontology of the Image (pdf)

Emmanuel Alloa: A Lesser Being. From Louis Marin to Simondon and Back (pdf)
Heba Y. Amin: The General’s Stork (pdf)
Ina Blom: From Copilia to Anywhen (pdf)
Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, Geoff Cox, Annet Dekker, Andrew Dewdney, Katrina Sluis: Affordances of the Networked Image (pdf)
Yves Citton: Could Deep Fakes Uncover the Deeper Truth of an Ontology of the Networked Images? (pdf)
Claire Fontaine: Sensitive Content (pdf)
Sean Cubitt, Celia Lury, Scott McQuire, Nikos Papastergiadis, Daniel Palmer, Jasmin Pfefferkorn, Emilie K. Sunde: Ambient Images (pdf)
Anthony Downey: The Algorithmic Apparatus of Neo-Colonialism: Or, Can We Hold “Operational Images” to Account? (pdf)
Wolfgang Ernst: How Technológos “Responds” to What Used to Be Called “Images” (pdf)
Olga Goriunova: The Culling of Photographic Images (pdf)
Marina Gržinić: Necropolitical Screens: Digital Image, Propriety, Racialization (pdf)
Asbjørn Grønstad: Screening Absence (pdf)
Ayesha Hameed: The Plant and the Person (pdf)
A. S. Aurora Hoel: Image Agents (pdf)
Esther Leslie: Ontology of an Image (pdf)
Laura U. Marks: Talisman-Images (pdf)
Nicholas Mirzoeff: White Seeing-Space (pdf)
Jussi Parikka: The Diagrams of AI (Image) (pdf)
Raqs Media Collective: The Event-Shaped Hole, and the Photographic Image (pdf)
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: Forever Inside Images (pdf)
Cecilia Sjöholm: Images Do Not Take Sides (pdf)
Terry Smith: Iconomy, Iconoclash ≠ Iconomics (pdf)
Winnie Soon, Geoff Cox: What Is an Image? (pdf)
Peter Szendy: Towards a General Iconomy (pdf)
Christina Varvia (Images by Amel Alzakout): Image-Sections: The Evidentiary Capacity of Images to Sample the Lifeworld and Have an Operative Life (pdf)
Eyal Weizman (in conversation with Jacob Lund): Inhabiting the Hyper-Aesthetic Image (pdf)