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Previous Issues

No. 63 (2022)


Cristyn Magnus, P.D. Magnus, Christy Mag Uidhir, and Ron McClamrock: APPRECIATING COVERS (pdf)


No. 61–62 (2021)

The open-access electronic version of the issue can be read here.

Jacob Lund: Questionnaire on the Changing Ontology of the Image (pdf)

Emmanuel Alloa: A Lesser Being. From Louis Marin to Simondon and Back (pdf)
Heba Y. Amin: The General’s Stork (pdf)
Ina Blom: From Copilia to Anywhen (pdf)
Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, Geoff Cox, Annet Dekker, Andrew Dewdney, Katrina Sluis: Affordances of the Networked Image (pdf)
Yves Citton: Could Deep Fakes Uncover the Deeper Truth of an Ontology of the Networked Images? (pdf)
Claire Fontaine: Sensitive Content (pdf)
Sean Cubitt, Celia Lury, Scott McQuire, Nikos Papastergiadis, Daniel Palmer, Jasmin Pfefferkorn, Emilie K. Sunde: Ambient Images (pdf)
Anthony Downey: The Algorithmic Apparatus of Neo-Colonialism: Or, Can We Hold “Operational Images” to Account? (pdf)
Wolfgang Ernst: How Technológos “Responds” to What Used to Be Called “Images” (pdf)
Olga Goriunova: The Culling of Photographic Images (pdf)
Marina Gržinić: Necropolitical Screens: Digital Image, Propriety, Racialization (pdf)
Asbjørn Grønstad: Screening Absence (pdf)
Ayesha Hameed: The Plant and the Person (pdf)
A. S. Aurora Hoel: Image Agents (pdf)
Esther Leslie: Ontology of an Image (pdf)
Laura U. Marks: Talisman-Images (pdf)
Nicholas Mirzoeff: White Seeing-Space (pdf)
Jussi Parikka: The Diagrams of AI (Image) (pdf)
Raqs Media Collective: The Event-Shaped Hole, and the Photographic Image (pdf)
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: Forever Inside Images (pdf)
Cecilia Sjöholm: Images Do Not Take Sides (pdf)
Terry Smith: Iconomy, Iconoclash ≠ Iconomics (pdf)
Winnie Soon, Geoff Cox: What Is an Image? (pdf)
Peter Szendy: Towards a General Iconomy (pdf)
Christina Varvia (Images by Amel Alzakout): Image-Sections: The Evidentiary Capacity of Images to Sample the Lifeworld and Have an Operative Life (pdf)
Eyal Weizman (in conversation with Jacob Lund): Inhabiting the Hyper-Aesthetic Image (pdf)

No. 60 (2020)

Torsten Andreasen, Mikkel Krause Frantzen, and Frederik Tyngstrup: Introduction: Aesthetics of Finance (pdf)
Mary Poovey: The Right Tools for the Job: The Right Job for the Tools (pdf)
Solveig Daugaard: Anybody Living a Private Life Is a Belierver in Money: Gertrude Stein, the Great Depression, and the Abstraction of Money (pdf)
Dominique Routhier: Full Automation in Its Infancy: The Situationist Avant-Garde Book Fin de Copenhague (pdf)
Kristina Malmio: Marx et Co Revisited: Representations of the Economy in Ralf Antbacka’s Wunderkammer (pdf)
Kristina Hermansson: Revolution or Diversity? Aesthetic and Political Manifestations of Class in Three Swedish Radical Picturebooks from the 2000’s and 2010’s (pdf)
Vera Knútsdóttir: Spectral Memories: Aesthetic Responses to the Financial Crash in Iceland 2008 (pdf)
Emma Sofie Brogaard Jespersen: Sensibility and Semio-Capitalism: A Bodily Experience of Crisis in Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s The Crisis Notebooks (pdf)
Nicholas Huber: Money as Frame (pdf)
Joseph Vogl: The Financial Regime (pdf)

No. 59 (2020)

Jacob Lund: Introduction (pdf)
Lasse Hodne: Winckelmann’s Apollo and the Physiognomy of Race (pdf)
Jacob Wamberg: Monolith in a Hollow: Paleofuturism and Earth Art in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (pdf)
Anders Troelsen: The Vertical City: Approaches to the Skyscraper City as Phenomenological Space and Semantic Field (pdf)
Andreas Helles Pedersen: Digital Music Use as Ecological Thinking: Metadata and Historicised Listening (pdf)

Alex Fleck: Christian Ulrik Andersen and Søren Bro Pold, The Metainterface: The Art of Platforms, Cities and Coulds (PDF)
Jan Løhmann Stephsen: Tanya Toft Ag, Ed., Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art (PDF)
Zoltán Somhegyi: François Jullien, Living Off Landscape or The Unthought-Of in Reason (PDF)

No. 57–58 (2018)

Jacob Lund and Jacob Wamberg: Introduction: Duchamp’s Readymades (pdf)
Thierry de Duve: The Story of Fountain: Hard Facts and Soft Speculation (pdf)
Thomas Girst: “That Very Funny Article,” Pollyperruque, and the 100th Anniversary of Ducamp’s Fountain (pdf)
Linda Dalrymple Henderson: Connecting Threads: Duchamp’s Readymades and Large Glass Project in Context, 1913–14 (pdf)
Sarah Kolb: “There Is No Progress, Change Is All We Know.” Notes on Duchamp’s Concep of Plastic Duration (pdf)
Jacob Wamberg: Shrink to Expand: The Readymades through the Large Glass (pdf)
Dieter Daniels: The Second Half of the Readymade Century (pdf)
David Joselit: The Property of Knowledge (pdf

No. 55–56 (2017)

Jacob Lund, Sven Anders Johansson: Introduction (pdf)
Georges Didi-Huberman: Conflicts of Gestures, Conflicts of Images (pdf
Joseph Margolis: The Hobbesian Turn (pdf
Solveig Gade: The Promise of the Index in Contemporary Documentary Performance (pdf)
Konstantinos Vassiliou: Essay: The Kunstwollen of the Scientific Era and Alois Riegl’s Stimmung (pdf)
Adam Andrzejewski: How to Frame Edible Art (pdf)
John Lynch: “Please Leave a Message”: The Media Ecology of Ruben Östlund’s Play, Force Majeure, and The Square (pdf)
Roger Edholm: Family Framing and the Comedy of Conventions in Ruben Östlund’s Force Majeure  (pdf)
Sven Anders Johansson: Cartesian Subjects Lost in the Alps: Reflections on Ruben Östlund’s Force Majeure (pdf)
Anders E. Johansson: Uncontrol on Ruben Östlund’s Force Majeure (pdf)

No. 54 (2017)

Jacob Lund, Anne Sejten: Introduction (pdf)
Juliane Rebentisch: Distinction in Difference: Revisiting the Question of Taste (pdf)
Carolyn Korsmeyer: Taste and Other Sense: Reconsidering the Foundations of Aesthetics (pdf)
Anne Elisabeth Sejten: From Hume’s “Delicacy” to Contemporary Art (pdf)
Esther Oluffa Pedersen: The Origins of the Transcendental Justification of Taste: Kant’s Several Views on the Status of Beauty (pdf)
Carole Talon-Hugon: The Aesthetisation of Taste, a Consequence of the “Aesthetisation” of Beauty (pdf)
Morten Kyndrup: Aesthetics and Judgement: “Why Kant Got It Right” (pdf)
Stefán Snævar: Review: Richard Shusterman, The Adventures of the Man in Gold. Paths between Art and Life (pdf)
Nickolas Calabrese: Review: Pierre Klossowski, Living Currency (pdf)

No. 53 (2017)

Jacob Lund: Introduction (pdf
Nicholas Mirzoeff: Empty the Museum, Decolonize the Curriculum, Open Theory (pdf)
Marit Grøtta: Photography Clichés: On Baudelaire’s Media Aesthetics and the Mechanical Arts (pdf)
Kasper Opstrup: From the Mouth of Shadows: On the Surrealist Use of Automatism (pdf)
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: A Note on Socially Engaged Art Criticism (pdf)
Grant Kester: The Limitations of the Exculpatory Critique: A Response to Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 52 (2017)

Jacob Lund: Introduction (pdf)
Nikos Papastergiadis: The Cultures Of The South As Cosmos (pdf)
Zoltan Somhegyi: Mother Nature’s Exhibition: On The Origins Of The Aesthetics Of Contemporary Northern Landscapes (pdf)
María José Alcaraz León: Is There Really A Puzzle Over Negative Emotions And Aesthetic Pleasure? (pdf
Noël Carroll: Architecture, Art, And Moderate Moralism (pdf)
Trine Friis Sørensen: A Precarious Construct: The Commission As A Curatorial Mode Of Inquiry (pdf)
Mathias Hein Jessen: Review. Knut Ove Eliassen, Foucaults Begreper (pdf
Arto Haapala: Review. Lars-Olof Åhlberg, Notions Of The Aesthetic And Of Aesthetics: Essays On Art, Aesthetics, And Culture (pdf)

No. 51 (2016)

Introduction (pdf)
Knut Ebeling: The Art of Searching: On “Wild Archaeologies” from Kant to Kittler (pdf)
Dan Karlholm: After Contemporary Art: Actualization and Anachrony (pdf)
Jiri Benovsky: Against Aesthetic/Sensory Dependence (pdf)
Morten Kyndrup:  Modernism and “Aesthetic Experience”: Art, Aesthetics – and the Role of Modernism (pdf)
Keith Moxey: Karlholm Response (pdf)
Seneca Nuñeza Pellano: Training the Imagination: A Praxis of Gayatri Spivak’s Aesthetic Education Usin Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things as a Reading in Philippine Schools (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 49–50 (2015)

Introduction: Art, Remembrance and History. 
Gene Ray: On the Mattering of Silence and Avowal. Joseph Beuys’ Plight and Negative Presentation in Post-1945 Visual Art (pdf)
Sven Lütticken: Apocalypse (Not) Now (pdf)
Gavin Grindon: Fantasies of Participation. The Situationist Imaginary of New Forms of Labour in Art and Politics (pdf
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: A Nightmare on the Brains of the Living.  Repeating the Past and Imagining a Future (pdf)
Ernst Van Alpen: The Politics of Exclusion, or, Reanimating the Archive (pdf)
Jacob Lund: The Coming Together of Times. Jean-Luc Godard’s Aesthetics of Contemporaneity and the Remembering of the Holocaust (pdf)
Terry Smith: Defining Contemporaneity: Imagining Planetarity (pdf)
Peter Osborne: Existential Urgency. Contemporaneity, Biennials and Social Form (pdf)

No. 48 (2014)

Editorial (pdf)
Wolfgang Ernst: Towards a Media-Archaeology of Sirenic Articulations – Listening with Media-Archaeological Ears (pdf)
Karl-Heinz Frommolt and Martin Carl: The Song of the Sirens (pdf)
Wolfram Bergande: The Liquidation of Art in Contemporary Art (pdf)
Zoltan Somhegyi: Eternal Distance.  On the Significance of Window- and Cave Representations in Northern Romanticism (pdf)
James Day: Review Essay: Art History in Its Image War.  Ten recent publications on image-politics in relation to the possibility of art historical analysis (pdf)
Review: Nicholas Davey, Unfinished Worlds: Hermeneutics, Aesthetics and Gadamer (by Kalle Puolakka) (pdf)
Publications of Aesthetic Interest (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 47 (2014)

Editorial (pdf)
Bernard Stiegler: Organology of Dreams and Archi-Cinema (pdf)
Mark B.N. Hansen: The Operational Present of Sensibility (pdf)
Olga Goriunova: The Force of Digital Aesthetics. On Memes, Hacking, and Individuation (pdf)
Andrea Virginás: Screens ‘As Representation’ and Screens ‘As Simulation’ in Mainstream Cinema Detection. Between Blade Runner (1982) and Splice (2009) (pdf)
Graham Harman: Materialism is Not the Solution: On Matter, Form, and Mimesis (pdf)
Robert Jackson: If Materialism Is Not The Solution, Then What Was the Problem? A Response to Harman (pdf)
Anders Johansson: Commodification and Subjectivization. Toward a Critique of the Authorship Discourse (pdf)
Review: Stefan Deines, Jasper Liptow and Martin Seel, eds., Kunst und Erfahrung: Beiträge zu einer philosophischen Kontroverse. By Mattias Pirholt (pdf)
Review: Dorota Koczanowicz and Wojciech Małecki, eds., Shusterman’s Pragmatism: Between Literature and Somaesthetics; Wojciech Małecki, Embodying Pragmatism: Richard Shusterman’s Philosophy and Literary Theory; and Richard Shusterman, Thinking Through the Body: Essays in Somaesthetics. By Max Ryynänen (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 46 (2013)

Editorial (pdf)
Nicholas Davey: Aesthetic Reasoning: A Hermeneutic Approach (pdf)
Cecilia Sjöholm: Lessing’s Laocoon: Aesthetics, Affects and Embodiment (pdf)
Bente Larsen: Eye, Matter and Interpretation (pdf)
Severin Schroeder: Art, Value, and Function (pdf)
Claes Entzenberg: The Art to End All Arts (pdf)
Aaron Smuts: Cinematic (pdf)
Gabor Csepregi: On Musical Performance as Play (pdf)
Review Essay: In the Wake of Wagner – On Anders V. Munch’s doctoral thesis From Bayreuth to Bauhaus: The Gesamtkunstwerk and the Modern Art Forms (Anders Troelsen) (pdf)
Review: Stein Haugom Olsen and Anders Pettersson, eds.,Why Literary Studies? Raisons D’être of a Discipline (Jukka Mikkonen) (pdf)
Review: Manfred Milz, ed., Facing Mental Landscapes: Self-Reflections in the Mirror of Nature (Zoltán Somhegyi) (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)
Publications of Aesthetic Interest (pdf)

No. 44–45 (2013)

Editorial: Aesthetics and Politics (pdf)
Esther Leslie: Crowds, Clouds, Politics and Aesthetics, Flipping Again (pdf)
Peter Osborne: Temporalization as Transcendental Aesthetics: Avant-Garde, Modern, Contemporary (pdf)
Jason E. Smith: Form-of-Life: From Politics to Aesthetics (and Back) (pdf)
Johan Hartle: The Struggle is Beautiful: On the Aesthetics of Leftist Politics (pdf)
Gene Ray: Adorno, Brecht and Debord: Three Models for Resisting the Capitalist Art System (pdf)
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: Art, War and Counter-Images (pdf)
Jacob Lund: Artistic Re-Appropriation and Reconfiguration of the Me­dium’s Milieu (pdf)
Bernarf Stiegler: Uncontrollable Societies of Disaffected Individuals: Disbelief and Discredit [Excerpt] (pdf)
Review: Jacob Lund, Erindringens æstetik (Jakob Lothe) (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 43 (2013)

Editorial (pdf)
Henrik Kaare Nielsen: Aesthetic Judgement and Political Judgement (pdf)
Lotte Philipsen: The Myth of Emancipation through Interaction. On the Relationship between Interactive Dimensions and Emancipating Potentials of Contemporary (Digital) Art (pdf)
Cato Wittusen: Exalting Points of View. A Discussion of Michael Fried’s Interpretation of Wittgenstein’s Contribution to Aesthetic Thought (pdf)
Andrea Sauchelli: On Architecture as a Spatial Art (pdf)
Benjamin Krämer: Types of Statements on Emotion in Music (pdf)
Alfonsina Scarinzi: Grounding Aesthetic Preference in the Bodily Conditions of Meaning Constitution. Towards an Enactive Approach (pdf)
Richard Shusterman: Back to the Future: Aesthetics Today (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 42 (2012)

Editorial (pdf)
Martin Seel: The Music of Thinking (pdf)
Noël Carroll: Art in an Expanded Field. Wittgenstein and Aesthetics (pdf)
Asbjørn Grønstad:  Is There a Transmedial Dispositif? Aesthetic Epistemes and the Question of Disciplinarity (pdf)
Espen Dahl: Receiving Newman. Formalism, Minimalism, and their Philosophical Preconditions (pdf)
Jacob Lund: An Ethically Nonindifferent Aesthetics. An Interview with Mieke Bal (pdf)
Review. Martin Zerlang: Carsten Thau, Arkitekturen som tidsmaskine (pdf)
Review. Kalle Puolakka: Elisabeth Schellekens, Aesthetics and Morality (pdf)
Review. Svend Erik Larsen: Mieke Bal, Loving Yusuf: Conceptual Travels from Present to Past (pdf)
Publications of aesthetic interest (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 40–41 (2010–2011)

Editorial (pdf)
Karsten Harries: What Need is There for an Environmental Aesthetics? (pdf)
Crispin Sartwell: The Shape of the World: What if Aesthetic Properties Were Real? (pdf)
María José Alcaraz León: Morally Wrong Beauty as a Source of Value (pdf)
Tom Sparrow: Plasticity and Aesthetic Identity; or, Why We Need a Spinozist Aesthetics (pdf)
Hanne Appelqvist: Form and Freedom: The Kantian Ethos of Musical Formalism (pdf)
Antony Fredriksson: Environmental Aesthetics Beyond the Dialectics of Interest and Disinterest. Deconstructing the Myth of Pristine Nature (pdf)
Carlo Volf: Light and the Aesthetics of Perception (pdf)
Nathalie Heinich: The Making of Cultural Heritage (pdf)
Kimmo Sarje: Façades and Functions. Sigurd Frosterus as a Critic of Architecture (pdf)
Review: Per Nilsson, The Amphibian Stand: A Philosophical Essay Concerning Research Processes in Fine Art (Stefán Snævarr) (pdf)
Review: Mikkel Bolt, Avantgardens selvmord (Jesper Olsson) (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 39 (2010)

Editorial (pdf)
Morten Kyndrup: Aesthetics and its Future. Problems and Perspectives (pdf)
Gernot Böhme: On Beauty (pdf)
Christoph Menke: Not Yet. The Philosophical Significance of Aesthetics (pdf)
Risto Pitkänen: Art and its History (pdf)
Siglind Bruhn: Explorations of Universal Order and Beauty in Paul Hindemith’s Symphony Die Harmonie der Welt (pdf)
Karlheinz Lüdeking: The Limits of Conceptual Analysis in Aesthetics (pdf)Review: Morten Kyndrup, Den æstetiske relation (Sven-olov Wallenstein) (pdf)
Review: Kristin Gjesdal, Gadamer and the Legacy of German Idealism (Kalle Puolakka) (pdf)
Review: Ulrika Björk, Poetics of Subjectivity: Existence and Expression in Simone de Beauvoir’s Philosophy (Saara Hacklin) (pdf)
Publications of aesthetic interest (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 38 (2009)

Editorial (pdf)
Reinold Schmücker: The Lord of Flaws: The Autonomy of the Artist and the Function of Art (pdf)
Jukka Mikkonen: Truth-Claiming in Fiction: Towards a Poetics of Literary Assertion (pdf)
Somogy Varga: Sub Specie Aeternitatis: An Actualization of Wittgenstein on Ethics and Aesthetics (pdf)
Nick Zangwill: Appropriate Musical Metaphors (pdf)
Wojciech Małecki: Pragmatist Aesthetics, the New Literacy, and Popular Culture (pdf)
Stefán Snævarr: Popular Culture (pdf)
Kalle Puolakka: review of Hanne Appelqvist: “Wittgenstein and the Conditions of Musical Communication” (pdf)
Books received (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 36–37 (2009)

Editorial (pdf)
Interview: “The glimpse of hope that religion or politics can no longer promise…” An Interview with Thierry de Duve (pdf)
Ingebjørg Seip: Towards an Aesthetics of Reversibility, or What Merleau-Ponty did not want to learn from Kant (pdf)
Birgit Eriksson: On Common Tastes: Heterogeneity and Hierarchies in Contemporary Cultural Consumption (pdf)
Larry Shiner: Temptation to Self-Indulgence? Aesthetics and Function in Recent Art Museum Design (pdf)
Anders V. Munch: Architecture as Multimedia: Jean Nouvel, the DR Concert Hall, and the Gesamtkunstwerk (pdf)
Dagmar Mirbach: Agnitudo aesthetica , Aesthetic Greatness: Ethical Aspects of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten’s Fragmentary Aesthetica (pdf)
Stefán Snævarr: Shusterman on Europe, Entertainment, and Equality (pdf)
Richard Shusterman: Context and Cultural Understanding (pdf)
Review of Stefán Snævarr’s Kunstfilosofi: En kritisk innføring by Søren Kjørup (pdf)
Books received (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 35 (2008)

Editorial (pdf)
Richard Shusterman: Somaesthetics at the Limits (pdf)
Morten Kyndrup: Aesthetics and border lines: “design” as a liminal case (pdf)
Andrea Kern: Can Autonomous Art Change the World? On Heidegger’s Understanding of the Political Significance of Art (pdf)
Henrik Kaare Nielsen: Discursive Interventions. On the relationship between the aesthetic and the political in Late Modernity (pdf)
Anders Pettersson: Three Problematic Aspects of Analytical Aesthetics (pdf)
Ken-ichi Sasaki: Eros, Beauty, and Ugliness (pdf)
Kimmo Sarje: Gustaf Strengell and Nordic Modernism (pdf)
Review: Carsten Juhl: Globalæstetik. Verdensfølelsen og det kosmpolitiske perspektiv, (Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen) (pdf)

No. 33–34 (2006)

Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Preface (pdf)
Stephen Davies: Performance interpretations of musical works (pdf)
Eric F. Clarke: Making and Hearing Meaning in Perfomance (pdf)
Daniel Leech-Wilkinson: Expressive Gestures in Schubert Singing on Record (pdf)
Håkan Hagegård: A New Song Cycle (pdf)
David E. Cooper: Nature, Aesthetic Engagement, and Reverie (pdf)
Karlheinz Lüdeking: Pictorial Turn and Linguistic Turn (pdf)
Anders Pettersson: Analogizing: The Literary Relevance of Holyoak and Thagard’s Mental Leaps (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 32 (2005)

Morten Kyndrup: The Borderlines of Aesthetics/Estetikens granser (pdf)
Ulrik Bisgaard: The return of the aesthetic experience of nature – histori­cal and present conceptions (pdf)
Mikkel Bolt: Skyd politikerne! Destruktion of RSG-6 og den situatio­nistiske avantgardes politiske former (pdf)
Thor Grünbaum: R. Ingarden’s theory of schematized profiles: A dynamic version (pdf)
Ossi Naukkarinen: A taste for borders (pdf)
Henrik Kaare Nielsen: Totalizing Aesthetics? Aesthetic Theory and the Aestheti­cization of Everyday Life (pdf)
Jacob Lund Pedersen: Expropriating the Subject Reading Boltanski with Agamben (pdf)
Max Ryynanen: Nobrow (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Recension: Gunnar Bucht, Pythagoras’ sträng (pdf)

N0. 31 (2005)

Halvor Nordby: Art and Radical Interpretation (pdf)
Steiner Boyum: Sekundaere uttryck – Ordenes ansikt og estetisk ekpressi­vitet (pdf)
Bijan Zelli: Tyskt och franskt – Likheter och skillnader i centraleuro­peisk konstmusik under sent 18oo-tal (pdf)
Øyvind Aase: Det andre spillet (pdf)
Erni Gustafson: “Reaching out for treasures” – Om mening och innehall i musik; exemplet progressiv rock (pdf)

No. 29–30 (2004)

Morten Kyndrup: Preface: Aesthetic Experience and Art (pdf)
Carsten Friberg: Aesthetic Experience without Art (pdf)
Karl Hansson: Screening the Figural in Film and New Art Media (pdf)
Martta Heikkilä: Jean-Luc Nancy: Presentation and the Interval of Art (pdf)
Maria Hirvi: The Aesthetic Experience and the Gesture of Exposure (pdf)
Tine Engel Mogensen: Love and Art Strike Back: A. S. Byatt’s Possession: A Romance (pdf)
Jacob Lund Pedersen: Enunciation, Subjectivity and Neutrality: Artistic Experience in Samuel Beckett (pdf)
Anna-Sofia Rossholm: Sound, Text, and Identity: A Reading of Fritz Lang’s The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (pdf)
Max Ryynanen: The Double Life of Jeff Koon’s Made in Heaven Glass Artworks (pdf)
Birgitte Stougaard: Gesture in Music and Literature – Virginia Woolf (pdf)
Notes on Contributors (pdf)

No. 27–28 (2003)


Göran Sörbom: Musikken som skön kunst (pdf)
Gunnar Bucht: Quied est musica? (pdf)
Lars Gunnar Bodin: Musiken . en gränslös konstart? (pdf)
Alf Gabrielsson: Reflektioner kring förhållandet mellan musikestetik och musikpsykologi (pdf)
Bengt Edlund: Moment musical. Att tolka och interpretera musikaliskt innehåll (pdf)
Peter Rinderle: The Expressiveness of Moving Tones: Roger Scruton on the Emotional Significance of Music (pdf)
Zdenka Kalnická: Music and Water (pdf)
Kuisma Korhonen: The Non-Verbal Essay: Between Sensuality and Conceptuality (pdf)


Curtis Carter: Understanding “Dance Understanding” (pdf)
Graham McFee: Art, Audience and Understanding: the Case of Dance (pdf)
Jaana Parviainen: Dance Techne: Kinetic Bodily Logos and Thinking in Movement (pdf)

The Aesthetic Turn

Sören Stenlund: Aesthetics and Critique of Culture (pdf)
Ales Erjavec: The Pictorial Turn (pdf)

Note on Contributors (pdf)

No. 25–26 (2002)

Bernd Kleimann: Signs of Art (pdf)
Michael Ranta: Categorization Research and the Concept of Art. An Empirical and Psychological Approach (pdf)
Morten Kyndrup: Art and the Enunciative Paradigm. Today’s Objectual De-differentiation and Its Impact on Aesthetics (pdf)
Christian Janecke: Committed Receptacles. Schlingensief’s Usage of the Container in Respect to Its Implementation in the Visual Arts (pdf)
Susanne Jansson: Double Dealing (pdf)
Aleš Erjavec: Global Aesthetics and the IAA/AIE (pdf)
Heikki Saari: Creating Works of Art by Interpreting Objects. A Critical Note on Arthur C. Danto’s Theory of Art (pdf)
Steinar Bøyum: Aspekter og paradigmer. Vårt perseptuelle forhold til estetisk ekspressivitet (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Estetisk erfaring og kunst som erkjennelseskilde (pdf)
Jeanette Bicknell: Scruton on Understanding Music (pdf)
Michael Ranta: XVth International Congress of Aesthetics. Makuhari/Tokyo, 27-31 augusti 2001 (pdf)
Notes on Contributors (pdf)

No. 24 (2001)

Arnfinn Bø-Rygg: Introduction: Aesthetic Experience and Interpretation (pdf)
Mikkel Bolt: Æstetik, anæstetik og æstetisk ideologi (fra venstre) (pdf)
Camelia Elias: Wit as Final Aesthetic Imperative – The fragmentary and the incomplete in Schlegel, Blanchot, and Jabès (pdf)
Carsten Friberg: The Importance of Aesthetic Experience (pdf)
Jari Kauppinen: DEUS EX MACHINA – Aesthetics within Theology. The concepts of experience and interpretation in Heidegger´s Contribution to Philosophy (pdf)
Bente Larsen: The Contemplation of Desolation – On the Motive of the Ennui by Eugéne Delacroix and the Aesthetic Experience as Melancholy (pdf)
Jonna Majgaard Krarup: Æstetisk tolkning af moderne landbrugslandskaber? (pdf)
Anne Beate Maurseth: Stone Sense – Sensibility and analogy in Didreot’s Le Rêve de d’Alembert (pdf)
Johan Redin: Adventures in Bioaesthetics – Art, Biology, and Aesthetic Experiece in Early German Romanticism and the Art of Sturm und Drang (pdf)
Contributors (pdf)

No. 23 (2001)

Cheryl Foster & Arto Haapla: Living with Anna Karenina. On the Ontology of Literary Characters (pdf)
Krzysztof Guczalski: Phenomenological and Analytic Aesthetics of Music. On the Views of Susanne Langer and Roman Ingarden (pdf)
Jakob Steinbrenner: Warhol’s Discovery and Danto’s Philosophical Transfiguration Aesthetics and the History of the Arts (pdf)
Ales Erjavec: Art Beyond Aesthetics. Or, The Consequence of Promiscuity (pdf)
Ragni Linnet: An Art of Blindness. Kierkegaard and the Nature of Pictures (pdf)
Anders Pettersson: Definitions of “Art” and Their Intended Import (pdf)
Stefán Snævarr: The Med of the Giant. On Literature and Discourse Ethics (pdf)

No. 22 (2000)

Katarina Elam: Apprehension, Magic, and Incarnated Beliefs: A Discussion of Sartre’s Theory of the Emotions (pdf)
Ylca Jabel: The Paradoxes of Paradisiac Nudity: Fascist Aesthetics and Medicalised Discourse in the 1930’s Nudist Movenemt, Health through Nude Culture (pdf)
Susanne Jansson: Style as Experience (pdf)
Jari Kaupinen: Experience and Place: Phenomenology, atopology and the body (pdf)
Bente Larsten: The Fragmented Body – A Study of some Aesthetic Implications of Théodore Géricalut’s Body Fragment Paintings (pdf)
Anne Marie Olesen: The Concept of (Aesthetic) Experience in Gadamer’s Hermeneutics and its Anthropololical Implications (pdf)
Ulrik Voglsten: Music and the Ideological Body (pdf)
Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg: Beckett’s Disorientated Bodies (pdf)

No. 20–21 (2000)

Marianne Marcussen: Det skønne ideal. Skulptur og for i Antikken (pdf)
Johan Wrede: Konstens autoteli, “Konstvärlden” och månskliga värden. Variationer på ett tema hos Göran Sörbom (pdf)
Gunnar Olsen: Detta är detta (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Estetik mellan filosofi och konst. Fyra variationer (pdf)
Simo Säätelä: “The Aesthetic Turn”: Aisthesis och Somaestetik (pdf)
Stein Haugom Olsen: Litteraturteori eller litterær estetikk – veien fremover (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Wittgenstein og det estetiske feltet (pdf)
Pia Salmela: Till vilken nytta? (pdf)

No. 19 (1999)

Ronald Hepburn: Values and Cosmic Imagination (pdf)
Susanne Jansson: Väderlek (pdf)
Markku Lehtinen: Against Nature – The Question of Mimesis in Heidegger’s Philosophy of Art (pdf)
Kurt Nyberg: Alberti om målarkonst & flyktpunkter (pdf)
Solve Olsson: Alberti, Marcussen och perspektivet (pdf)
Yrjö Sepänmaa: Environmental Stories – Speaking and Writing Nature (pdf)
Caj Strandberg:  Verkets mening och tolkarens val (pdf)
Pauline von Bonsdorff: “Nature” in Experience: Body and Environment (pdf)

Ronald Hepburn: The Human Habitat – Aesthetic and Axiological Perspectives by Pauline von Bonsdorff (pdf)
Medvirkande/Contributors (pdf)

No. 18 (1999)

Peter Fuur Andersen: Pragmatisk æstetik og æstetisk legitimitet (pdf)
Heikki Saari: R.G. Collingwood om konstverks ontologiska status (pdf)
Stefan Smevarr: Refleksjoner eller reflekssoner? Om estetikk og ideologikritikk (pdf)
Ben Tilghman: Reflections On Art And Ontology (pdf)

Peter Lamarque: The High Price of Evading Boredom: A Reply to Erik Bjerck Hagen (pdf)

Recensionsartiklar/Rewiev Articles:

Colin Lyas: Säätelä’s Aesthetics as Grammar (pdf)
R. A. Sharpe: Claes Entzenberg: Metaphor as a mode of interpretation (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Sharon Rider: Avoiding the Subject (pdf)
Medverkande/Contributors (pdf)

No. 17 (1998)

Staffan Bengtsson: Konstens värde i Adornos Estetisk teori (pdf)
Erik Bjerck Hagen: På flukt fra sannhet – Om Peter Lamarque and Stein Haugom Olsens Truth, Fiction, and Literature (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Kunst og verdi i Wittgensteins filosofi (pdf)
Peter Lamarque: Aesthetic Value, Experience, and Indiscernibles (pdf)
Marianne Marcussen: Julius Lange og hans valgparametre i æstetikken – et essay (pdf)
Medverkande (pdf)

No. 16 (1996)

Kjell S. Johannessen: Teoretisk hybris i de estetiske disipliner (pdf)
Stefan Snævarr: Minerva and the Muses – A Criticism of Aesthetic Subjectivism (pdf)
Göran Sörbom: Anders Lidbeck on the Origin of Art and Aesthetics (pdf)
Edward Winters: The Critical Condition of Visual Arts (pdf)
Richard Woodfield: Gombrich on Perception and Mental Set (pdf)

No. 15 (1996)

Dorthe Jøgensen: Svaret blæser i vinden (pdf)
Marianne Marcussen: Krystallisationsteorien og stilteorien i Alois Riegls forfatterskab (pdf)
Anders Petterson: Litteraturteorins betydelse för litteraturvetenskapen (pdf)
Pia Salmela: Om teori i estetik (pdf)
Simo Säätelä: Estetik och vardagsspraksfilosofi: Stanley Cavell och Ben Tilghman (pdf)

No. 14 (1995)

Bengt Edlund: Symmetries in Music (pdf)
Göran Hermeren: Etik och estetik (pdf)
Marianne Marcussen: “Nicht alles ist zu allen Zeiten möglich” (pdf)
Anders Petterson: Litteraturens och litteraturvetenskapens sarart (pdf)
Pia Salmela: ‘Varje förklaring ar en hypotes’ (pdf)
Göran Sörbom: Den historiska konstupplevelsen (pdf)
Lars-Olaf Åhlberg: Teori, tolkning och förklaring (pdf)

No. 13 (1995)

Bengt Edlund: Structure and Content as Determinants for Musical Interpretation (pdf)
Karlheinz Lüdeking: A Brief Guide to the Avoidance of Style (pdf)
Marianne Marcussen: The Laocoon: Between Style and Iconography (pdf)
Sven Sandström: Image As Cognitive Form (pdf)

No. 12 (1994)

Pauline von Bonsdorff: Matching Eutopia – On the Roles of Renderings of Architecture (pdf)
Dan Karlholm: Gombrich and Cultural History (pdf)
Siri Meyer: The Pursuit of Order – Some Reflections on Art and Illusion (pdf)
Margaretha Rossholm Lagerlöf: Some Remarks on Aesthetic Appearances (pdf)
Göran Sörbom: Gombrich on the Greek Art Revolution (pdf)
Richard Woodfield: Gombrich on Art, Style and Culture (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: The Ananalogy between Ornament and Music (pdf)

No. 11 (1994)

Kjell S. Johanessen: Bryson og kunsthistoriens grunnlagsdebatt (pdf)
Marianne Marcussen: Kunsthistorien, virkeligheden, perspektivrummet – og Norman Bryson (pdf)
Siri Meyer: Kunsthistorie som visualitetens tale (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Om relativism eller omöjligheten att lyfta sig i håret (pdf)
Olle Sjögren:  Sung-Bong Park: An aesthetics of the popular arts (pdf)

No. 10 (1993)

Ragni Linnet: The Danish Golden Age in Postmodernity (pdf)
Paul Crowther: Art, Knowledge and Historicity (pdf)
Ales Erjavec: Art, Cognition, Knowledge, and Diagnostics (pdf)
Odd Inge Langholm: Tragedy and Moral Insight: Stanley Cavell on Tragedy (pdf)
Simo Säätelä: Art, Historicism and Knowledge (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Concepts and Conceptions of Art (pdf)

No. 9 (1993)

Atle Kittang: Nokre ord ved starten (pdf)
Else Marie Bukdahl: Ændringer i kunstverdenen i de sidste 25 ar set i et institutionelt perspektiv (pdf)
Jorunn Veiteberg: Fjernsynet i kunsten si teneste (pdf)
Tomi Mäkelä: Teaching and exploring the history and aesthetics of the performing arts of music (pdf)
Morten Kyndrup: Kunsten og de æstetiske videnskaber (pdf)
Göran Sörbom: Kunskapsbegreppet inom konstvärlden och vetenskapsvärlden i historisk belysning (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Kunskapsbegrepet i vitenskapsfilosofi og estetik (pdf)
Simo Säätelä: Estetisk kunskap och rationalitet (pdf)
Arto Haapala: “Det ar ingen konst”. Kunskap, kunnande och konst (pdf)
Sten Dahlstedt: Sammanfattande kommentar (pdf)
Siri Meyer: Perspektiv pa skoklostersymposiet (pdf)

No. 8 (1992)

Frances Berenson: Inter-cultural Understanding and Art (pdf)
Jeanette Emt: The Intentional Relevance (pdf)
Lars Hertzberg: Wittgenstein on the Nature of Aesthetic Remarks (pdf)
Stein Haugom Olsen: Biographu in Literary Criticism (pdf)
Veikko Rantala: The Literary Work and Intentionality (pdf)
Benjamin Tilghman: Discerning Humanity in a Work of Art (pdf)
Eeva Maija Viljo: The Work of Pictorial Art as an Unresolved Message (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Heidegger’s Van Gogh (pdf)

No. 7 (1992)

Göran Sörbom: Om “valgrundat utbyte” (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Norman Bryson och “The newart history”. En kritisk presentation (pdf)
Pia Salmela: On truth in literary works (pdf)
Marianne Marcussen: Laokoon og skønheden – før og nu (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Billedforståelsens kompleksitet (pdf)

No. 6 (1991)

Göran Sörbom: “Om rätte betydelsen af hvad man kallar ästhetik, betraktadt såsom föremål för akademisk undervisning” (pdf)
Lars Gustafsson: Atterbom om förhållandet. mellan teori, historia och kritik (pdf)
Thomas Olsson: Atterbom som litteraturkritiker (pdf)
Rudolf Zeitler: Atterboms “Minnesrunor” (pdf)
Christina Svensson: Melankolibegreppet i romantikens estetik (pdf)
Karin Monié: Carl August Hagberg – ‘kommentar til en livsinsats (pdf)
Lars Peter Rømhild: Den danske æstetik ca.1860-1910 (pdf)
Per Erik Ljung: Yrjö Hirm och den litterara estetiken (pdf)
Arto Siitonen: How can artists, scientists and philosophers improve their mutual understanding and cooperation? (pdf)

No. 5 (1990)

Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Vad är analytisk estetik? (pdf)
Jeanette Emt: Tolkning: värderingar och normer (pdf)
Hansjorg Hohr: Det estetiske og rasjonaliteten (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: De tause innslagene i vår omgang med kunst (pdf)

No. 4 (1989)

Ben R. Tilghman: Estetiske beskrivelser og forklaringer (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Analogien mellom begrep og stil (pdf)
Stein Haugom Olsen: Den litteräre kanon (pdf)

No. 3 (1989)

Marianne Marcussen: Tolkningsteoretiske reflektioner og Marcel Duchamps tidlige værker (pdf)
Peter Lamarque: “På liksom”, aspektbundethet og ontologi (pdf)
Sten Dahlstedt: Referens, regel & form. Något om användningen av “innebörd” inom de estetiska vetenskaperna (pdf)
Stein Haugom Olsen: Lars Olof Åhlbergs realismebegrepp i litteratur och konst (pdf)
Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Att skriva introduktioner i konstfilosofi. Rec. av M. Eaton,”Basic Issues in Aesthetics” (pdf)

No. 2 (1988)

Göran Sörbom: Efterbildning och konst (pdf)
Tommie Zaine: Några synpunkter pa litteraturkritikens olika funktioner (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Tolkningens teoretiske rom i de humanistiske disipliner (pdf)

No. 1 (1988)

Göran Sörbom: Nordiska sällskapet for estetik (pdf)
Sven Sandstrom: Upplevelsesbildens fyra nivåer: sensation, mönster, macchia, information (pdf)
Kjell S. Johannessen: Aspekter av tolkningsbegrepet (pdf)
Siri Meyer: Institusjonsbegrepet som tokningskontekst (pdf)
Medvirkande (pdf)